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Q1: How to achieve financial freedom?
A1: There are several ways that you can achieve huge wealth. For example, starting a business, saving regularly, investing, speculation in stock market or even gambling. But you need to always bear in mind the risks involved. The quicker and easier you get the return, the greater risk you need to bear.

Q2: Is there any more simple and safer way to achieve it?
A2: There is no quick path to long-lasting wealth. But you may follow the followings time-proven steps to achieve this:
1. Save before you spend
2. Diversify your investment
3. Seek advices from professionals

Q3: What can I do to retire rich and early?
A3: Having a target set beforehand is very important if you wish to retire rich and early. You need to be well planned and accumulate your wealth with strict discipline. Tailor made strategies from financial advisers are essential. In order to achieve this, you may need to seek advices from professionals.

Q4: What are the good habits of managing my money?
A4: There are many examples. Below are the easiest to practice in your daily life:

- Spend wisely. Avoid impulse spending. Spend on necessaries first.
- Avoid interests arises from consumer credits. For example, credit card balance, installments payment.
- Save and invest before you spend with strict discipline. Adopt a good pattern of spend vs. save every month, and review regularly.
- Learn how to invest. Seek advice from professionals from time to time.

Q5: Where to seek advices on financial planning?
A5: There are places that you can seek financial advices:

- Stock brokers
- Banks
- Insurance companies
- FA firms
- Private bank services

Q6: What are the differences of seeking advices from these financial institutes?
Stock Brokers The advices are usually focus on stock and related investment (structured products, derivatives, etc.) only
Banks The advices are usually related to the services available in the bank. For example: deposit account, insurance, foreign currency account, etc.
Insurance Company The advices are usually about insurance coverage only.
FA firms Financial advisers can provide financial advices to clients on what solution to choose.
Private bank The service has high entry barrier that may not be affordable for all.

Q7: Are there any solutions that can help me to accumulate wealth gradually?
A7: There are several solutions available:

- Life Insurance
The investment is safe. But the return is usually lower comparing other investments in long run. Also, it has very limited flexibility.

- Bank saving
The advantages of this method are flexible and safe. But the return (interest) is much lower than other investments.

- Regular fund saving
Investors' contributions are kept as trust. In addition, the investment is diversified to several fund houses and managed by fund managers. Therefore the risk is very low. Most importantly, investors can earn extra return by utilizing the ups and downs of the financial market (dollar cost averaging).

Q8: If I have already accumulated a certain amount of cash and would be unused for some period, how should I invest to gain extra return?
A8: There are several solutions available:

- Stocks
The volatility is usually higher. Investors need to bear the risk by themselves.

- Fixed deposit
This method is very safe. But the return (interest) is usually limited.

- Lump sum fund investment
Investors can choose up to 10 funds and switch freely. The risk is highly diversified. Since the investors' contribution is held in trust and managed by professional fund managers, therefore they can share the investment return without worry.

Q9: How can I reach you for financial advices?
A9: You may email or call us. Our professional financial advisers will arrange meeting with you afterward.

Q10: What is the business nature of BMI Funds?
A10: BMIF has embarked on providing financial advisory services to the customers. We define ourselves as the leading Financial Advisor (' FA ') in Hong Kong, with the aim to help investors achieving their financial goals. Being a licensed corporation of Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (' HKSFC ') and a member of The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (' HKCIB '), BMIF is authorized to advice on General Insurance, Long Term Insurance as well as Investment-Linked Insurance to our customers.

Through the insightful analysis of our research team and our centralized portfolio management system, we determine to establish and maintain the best advice and consistent professional services for our customers.