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Our Business

External Asset Management (EAM) is very popular in Europe and America.  The birthplace of EAM like Switzerland, Luxembourg and other European countries are particularly universal gathered by international private banks.  EAM concept is still in its developing stage in Asia.

The causes of EAM growth in Asia are as below:

  • In recent years, there is rapid growth in personal wealth in China and its neighboring countries.  The demands for EAM services increase substantially.
  • To pursuit for better asset value and returns, European EAMs are looking for investment opportunities and market diversification to local clients via private banking platform in Hong Kong and Singapore.  This helps to strengthen the EAM position in Asia.
  • More and more experienced private bankers still hold the advisory role even left the bank because they got customers’ trust.  EAM as Private Banks’ partners surely can provide new investment products and excellence services to clients.
  • The increasing of high net wealth clients in Asia became mature and sophisticated.  Their accumulated wealth will be at the time to move to their next generations.   While, most new generations tend looking for greater appreciation for the value of products but also for innovative and expertise investment advices.  
  • From the historic Swiss private banking model to Asia combined model, the new EAM model forges a lasting relationship based on trust and helps to build an enduring legacy for high net wealth clients.

We offer a new and efficient wealth management model to safeguard, grow and hand on your wealth.  Beyond our wide range of investment products and services, we can also provide you in-depth knowledge and expertise in global financial markets, business institutional and whole private banking services.